How global warming will affect Russia?

March 19, 2013. Global thaw can change the look of our planet beyond recognition. Whether humanity will extract from it, or will be faced with more and more new problems? Here is what says about employee climate program of the World Wildlife Fund, Alexey Kokorin: "Although man is making a contribution to the thaw on our planet, the main cause of warming — it's natural cycle fluctuations. This wave-like process. Period cycles of 60-70 years, so that the next decade will not necessarily be warmer. However, in the future the natural curve of creep up again, which, together with the anthropogenic factor, will give a very sharp warming. "

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In any case, experts advise in the coming years prepare for all kinds of weather anomalies. Specialist International Sustainable Energy Development Vladimir Burdine says how it can affect you and me: "As for Russia, a number of industries will benefit from warming. Will last longer growing season of plants, will last longer period navigation along the Northern Sea Route, reduced heating season. "

Source: Meteovesti

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