How to drive evil spirits out of the house




Proper life is possible only in consecrated apartment

Xenia Lyubavina

— Have you ever wondered why some houses you feel cozy and well — began a conversation with the browser "MH" white magician Gregory CROW — others pressured and depressing, they always go with you reluctantly feel there is a constant discomfort, try as soon as possible to return home? And came back and experience fatigue and malaise. It seems the owners and you are pleasant, and the food is tasty, and try to please all over, but something is not right.

— And it happens more often than we would like …

— This is because in addition to any home given energy, dictated by the earth's crust, there is always energy-and its internal structure. Power lines, like a cobweb envelop housing. Some are good, others — evil. And depending on what kind of "woven" is more dependent on the mood of the house.

— Hence, the comfort of home is primarily associated with the energies that live in it? Where did they come from?

— Such energies arise from the former owners, on your quarrels, the emotions that you experience each other, from the people who were with you at a party. Every day and every hour we, without knowing it, are influenced by unseen forces as friendly, and when and hostile. Furthermore, we are constantly influence the world around us. Every movement, thought, feeling have the power, which we do not even think. So we create around themselves an environment in which we have to live. And if your house is boring, bad, difficult, sad if it continually erupting scandals, you are not going to be in it nice and snug, if he can be a real home? What is the message of energy away from us in space, so we get in return.

— Well, if everything seems to be OK? By what signs you can see the house is sick or healthy?

— The apartment where the positive energy, dries slowly poured the water for a long time not fade cut flowers, metal objects to touch the cool, and wood — a little warm. In the areas of positive always smooth and strong flame of a candle, in the negative — the candle smokes, the light in her hopping and weak. In places where negative information receives radio waves better, thrown to the floor silver coin rings hollow or no ring, quickly turns sour milk, and hot water cools, the salt is dissolved in water vigorously, and the butter melts before our eyes. In running, dirty apartment people get sick more often, quarrel and feel uncomfortable. To house filled with auspicious energies and then could reflect adverse, you need to build it in a microcosm.

— In what way?

— As soon as you become chase bad luck, you feel uncomfortable in the house, start cleaning. The most common cleaning — an act of purification, which can be done daily. General cleaning of the same — almost all of the energy field update apartment. And if you have a concern in your home, it is spring — it's time to start life anew. No wonder the general cleaning in Russia has long been timed to the most important for the Orthodox holiday — Easter, Easter Sunday. By Easter preparing since the Great or Holy Thursday before Easter and in the villages and in the cities of restoring order — in every home cleaned, washed and cleaned, stranded yards, tinker with fences, gates and painted benches, planted flowers in front of windows. In the north and in central Russia to fumigate homes and barns burned juniper branches. Healing juniper smoke to protect people and pets from evil spirits and diseases. Our great-grandfathers and great-grandmother already knew how to restore positive energy at home.

— But the purity of Easter — festive, ritual …

— So who prevents a person who uncomfortably in his own house, to begin with it? Get a mop and a rag and put things in order before the holiday in your life? As they say, garbage in the house — garbage in my head. Place in a clean house. Climb up to the far corners and raking out all the dirt. Physical dirt always involves dirt energy. Wash the windows, mirrors, all the plumbing, sinks, central heating radiator. All have to kick to shine, as it is such a thing as a source of pollution energy at home. And get used to wash them every week to shine — let's every Thursday. Get together with the spirit and get rid of all the unwanted, old, broken things. Check everything, and if some thing you do not use more than a year, you can safely throw it away. It is unlikely that it will ever come in handy. First, trash must make happy chipped and cracked crockery and mirrors with even small defects. Any cracks or missing emit very powerful negative energy. It is believed that through the cracked dishes evaporates well-being at home.

— Cleaned the apartment like. Then what? We are ready to meet the Easter?

— After washing floors and ventilation clean up themselves. Moisten with holy water face and hands, and let it dry on the skin. On the eve of Good Friday, the disciples of Christ washed the feet of his master. Therefore, the Thursday before Easter is called pure. It is believed that pouring water on a day brings health, wealth and beauty. The people he observed the custom of purification with water — swimming in the ice-hole, river, lake. Our ancestors bathed before sunrise, said that crows on a day bathed their children.

— Spark plug — one of the symbols of Easter. How to use candles to clean house?

— Have fire since ancient times is surrounded by mystery. For warding avoided dwelling house with a candle and the room with the cattle. From the front door in a clockwise direction to get around inside the house, including the bathroom and the toilet without missing one corner, with a candle in her hand. Read the "Our Father" and at the same time three times a candle baptize all the corners, doors, beds, recreational and windows. Then Melt a spoon on a plate with fuming incense and spoon just go around the house, doing the same thing, and with a candle. When the incense in the spoon cools and does not smoke, it should heat up again and continue the consecration of the house from the place where the finished smoke spoon. Hide a spoon — it is not just handy. Now take the holy water, and again avoiding the house clockwise, spray (you can brush) three times every corner, beds, windows, recreational facilities, entrance doors, each time saying: "In the Name of the Father" — the first sprinkling, "and the Son" — second sprinkling, "and the Holy Spirit. Amen "- the third sprinkling. After this procedure, the apartment is very well cleaned. On the night in each room light a candle at church, and repeat so three nights in a row. You can still fumigate the room dry sprig of St. John's wort, milk thistle and heather. Often one such ritual is enough to completely clear the aura apartment. But to make it possible only after the general cleaning. If help is not immediately, the whole procedure can be repeated two or three times a month. For a long time, your apartment will be completely clean, if you do not teach the codes dirt because of a quarrel with his own household or sad mood.

— And here I sit in a clean house, came to visit, glanced askance and spoiled everything.

— Unpleasant guests or people that you secretly do not like, do leave behind a negative mark. Therefore, after the departure of all guests is better to wash the floors and ventilate the apartment. As I advise to go and after an argument with home. Guests are not allowed to enter the best children's room and into the bedroom. If you do not have a separate living room, in addition to washing floors, after they left to bathe children and themselves to take a shower. By the way, well reflect energy attacks and defuse the atmosphere in the house animals — especially cats, canaries, flowers — such as geranium, willow twigs in a vase or sunflowers under windows. On Easter certainly listen to the bells chime. The ringing of bells drives away from us too dark forces.

— There is a popular belief that Easter can not give anything to anyone out of the house, or in the family will mount. And the one who will have something to ask, surely a witch.

— Not only at Easter, but also in other major holidays, such as the Annunciation, Christmas or before baptism, do not give anything out of the house to strangers. In those days, people who are versed in black magic, can actually makes things dirty tricks on you have taken things. However, as you know, if someone in those days anything you asked for, it is not necessarily that he's going to put you on the damage. Maybe he really need sugar for the cake or the egg to the test! But it is better to err and did not give in to other people these days.

— So, you can not give. And to take?

— It is better not to take. Alien thing always carries a powerful energy charge of the former owner. And if the negative energy in your home will be one more unfavorable source.

— Yes, we have a lot of cases before the Resurrection of Christ …

— The Resurrection of Christ — the most joyous and solemn occasion for Christians. On Maundy Thursday of every Orthodox Christian seeks to purify spiritually commune, to take the sacrament. On the same day, paint eggs for the Easter table. Light the candles and icons decorate the house with flowers. All evening Holy Thursday and Good Friday in the homes of Orthodox Christians before, and now bake cakes and make the Passover, and then sanctify them. In the Holy Week was accepted to do good deeds. It was believed that acts of kindness for the benefit of disadvantaged fate of the people, help to remove the soul from sin. In bright Sunday after the morning service was in the habit of triple kiss — kiss three times with family and friends. And you can not refuse to kiss it to anyone. Easter celebration is unthinkable without eggs. They may be real, dyed with coffee, tea, beet juice and simple food coloring and chocolate, sugar, marzipan … At least one of the colored eggs supposed to keep until the next Easter table, because it has the wonderful ability never spoil. It is believed that the shell with Easter eggs should not be placed in the window to the street — in fact for the entire Easter week Christ with the Apostles walking on the earth, and you can get into it.


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