Humanity faces a zombie epidemic diseases


LONDON, June 15. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Makarchev /. The emergence of epidemic diseases in the world that turns people into zombies, really. This was announced at the ongoing in the English town of Cheltenham Science Festival influential professor at Austin. It is included in a group to study the phenomenon zombizma Department of Genetics, University of Glasgow.

"The symptoms of the disease compared with zombies borne disease prions — do not contain nucleic acid infectious agents — said the scientist.

Prions are capable of hitting the central nervous system are in particular, diseases Kroytsfeldta-Jakob disease, also known as "mad cow disease". According to Austin, the person becomes a zombie when his body struck a prion.

"Turning into a zombie, man can live only 3 — 6 months, depending on their physical condition," — he stressed.

Professor Austin did not rule in the world of zombie epidemic disease. At the same time, he said, agents will be transmitted by the bite of an. "Prions can be transmitted by saliva," — said the scientist.

Austin's current report has generated considerable interest in international circles, reports it publishes numerous British media.


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