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22.07.11.V Belarus eliminate consequences night disaster.

Storm front that came to us from Poland and Lithuania, left trail of destruction in four regions.

More than 600 settlements of the republic remained without electricity. However, today the end of the day energy supply will be restored to all affected areas, the correspondent of the TV company "Capital TV".

Echoes of the cyclone hanging over north-western Europe reached Belarus. Suffered Minsk, Gomel, Brest and Grodno region. Only one Mozyr district just 15 minutes squally winds caused damage, estimated now at almost half a billion rubles.



Pensioner Anna M. and did not notice that in a few minutes the wind tore it pretty good house roof. Here she raised children and lived all his life. "Such a hurricane, — says the woman — long gone."

In the morning in the affected areas are working insurance agents. Only now expect payment once: rain at any moment can increase the damage significantly.

Vasily Turovets, chairman of the village council Krynichnogo Mozyr district:
Let's not wait until "Belgosstrakh" count all because rains. Hand out to people slate, so they can quickly close their roof.

Element damaged dozens selskhozstroeny, among them — large livestock complexes. Farmers to come to the aid of construction companies from the major cities.

Builders promise this week to restore damage. But the energy less than a day coped with the task. Total in the republic have been de-energized 648 settlements. By morning, the vast majority of them returned to the light.

Vitaly Kushner, chief manager of the National Electricity Company "Joint Supervisory Control":
We have worked this time 123 teams. At 15 o'clock we had 49 disabled communities. Restoration work continues. By late afternoon, I think we are all included.

Fallen trees from storm winds not only tore the wire. In Grodno under the rubble were 11 cars. In Zelve wind brought down the brick wall of vehicle stock. The driver of the car received minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, there were no casualties. During a hurricane killed a child. The tragedy occurred near the village Terebuty Minsk region. A strong gust of wind knocked the boy metal canopy stops.

Forecasters also warned of the approach of another meteofronta. Powerful cyclone "Nemo", which hit Europe, now directed towards Belarus. On this weekend in the country will be cool and windy, the correspondent of TV company "Capital TV".


Source: Capital TV-Belarus





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