«Hyacinth» — heavy self-propelled gun of the Russian army


In East military environment (OIE) recently adopted expected arrival of new languid self-propelled artillery system (ACS) «Hyacinth».
About 20 ACS «Hyacinth» will join an existing fleet artillery weapons (ACS «Acacia», «Carnation») compounds TSB.
ACS «Hyacinth» crawler has a light armor protection, higher agility and massive weaponry.
This said the press service of the Eastern Military Area.
The housing provides protection against bullets and splinters. ACS «Hyacinth» may firing from concealed positions and direct fire. 152-mm self-propelled guns «Hyacinth» — Russian long-range weapon, second only to the 203-mm self-propelled gun «Pion», capable of hitting targets at a distance up to 28 km, and a special shell — up to 33 km.
It is designed to defeat oppression and means of nuclear attack, government, logistics, manpower and combat materiel in concentration areas and supporting Fri

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