Hydrogen sulfide instead of water in the village Kashirin. Video


24.11.11.Zhiteli village Kashirinyh Kungur region for 400 years living without water. Carry drinking out of the city, and the process water from the well is only good for business nuzhd.V connection with the commissioning of a new well, the water ran out of it black with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Now it does not wash, nor cattle it does not drink. The authorities do not try to change things, and people, and now the city Cows bring water!

The village Kashirinyh water never was. For water supply, which are connected to the well, running is not potable process water. Recently, old well out of order and the local authorities have drilled a new one. Then it started.

(Valery Khmelev fitter vdoprovodchik village Kashirinyh) — I'm almost afraid, why now I shake it? I only track the whole foul the water. 

(Julia Dolgov, a television journalist) — Village Kashirinyh — on the mountain. And under the mountain — the river Sylva. People for the water supply from the river water, but against CPS. By law, the water should be, of course, from a closed source, even if such disgusting.

Now kashirintsev was not any water at all, the good, today is a winter!

(Elena Bazhina, villager Kashirinyh) — For technical purposes I take water snow. Dial kovshichkom with beds to wash the dishes, something to wash, cook for dogs, cats. This is how we heat the snow every day. 

Rural hostage situation or wash or wash floors. Even harder for those with livestock. For example, the village has a temple courtyard, where 7 cows and bull. Them something to drink.

(Olga Vshivkova, volunteer) — Originally, we were delighted that so much pressure. But it turns out, it Galimov poison. And it is not suitable for drinking. And every day, the cows need 300 liters of water! Where have you seen that cows we carry water for 20 kilometers from the city?

During the drilling of wells village administration used the intelligence information gas and oil, according to the principle: Guess you can not guess? Not guessed. Therefore the problem prefer not to say it is difficult to catch the head in place, and it has no deputies.

Superiors to see just how bad, the people were brought to the administration Kashirinyh Kungur region bottle of black water. District authorities are quiet, as according to Law 131, "water" issues are decided by village administration. However, in the near future to organize a promised supply of water, and in the distant future — to build a water intake.

(Dmitry Sumenkov, Head ME "Managing Infrastructure Development") — read access to the further construction of an open water intake on the river Sylva. To file a pure transparent water at least for technical needs for the population.

Out of desperation, the initiative group wrote a letter to the prosecutor. Before leaving the city, "walkers" traditionally turned to standpipes got cans and again asked the question: was it worth bore for 250,000 rubles when repairing old would cost 40,000? And the savings in the budget, and people with proven technical water. Still light and odorless.

Julia Dolgov, Michael Ovseychik,

BACKGROUND: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S, hydrogen sulfide)

Gas without color with a characteristic odor of rotten eggs and sweet taste, soluble in water. The nerve poison that causes seizures, and eventually paralysis of respiratory muscles and respiratory center (respiratory arrest, and death).

Even at low concentrations has a negative impact on the digestive system of humans and animals, increasing the acidity of gastric juice. At a concentration of hydrogen sulfide 0,010-0,015% of human corneal irritation occurs, and at higher chance of lung edema. At high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide inhalation takes place almost instant death. Lethal concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air 0.10-0.15%.

Source: FMVideo Perm

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