I found Curiosity? NASA have no answer.

On the 61 th Martian day (Sol 61 — October 7, 2012, on Earth) robot scoop scooped Martian soil. In the frame of hit-filled scoop about the size of 5 by 7 inches, part of the robot and the surface on which it stands. And on the surface NASA specialists spotted an object that stood out from the surrounding background. Called it — bright object.

— We just do not know what it is! — Admitted to NASA. And a few days could not identify the object photographed by the robot "Curiosity" at their own wheels.

Black-and-white photo taken close-up with a special camera for photomicrography (ChemCam: Remote Micro-Imager), did not add clarity. Conversely. This very bright object was like, I'm sorry too, whether on the shrimp, or a cockroach.

Situation clarifying October 11 (Sol 65) after the "curiosity" bright object photographed by the camera MAHLI. On a color photo well became apparent that no bright object not a cockroach. In fact, from where cockroaches on Mars? The similarity with shrimp, however, survived. But NASA decided that the shot hit a piece of plastic — like plastic film. Its size — 13 mm. A piece in the first place and sin experts who put forward the most plausible explanation.

Another question: what piece fell off? From what object? The unequivocal answer is no. However, experts have decided to consider: if something has fallen off, it is not from the rover. Do not be. There is nothing to fall off. A piece — from a part that participated in landing operations.

Perhaps the thermal protection. Or from a reactive platform. Or even from a parachute. And the wind brought it just to where the robot was a scoop to scoop the soil. By the way, two scoops of soil scored before, found unfit for further analysis — they supposedly could get others — smaller pieces from the Earth. It was decided to collect a third scoop.



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