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As you know, all people have dreams every night, to be precise — four or five times a night. About 20 percent of sleep time we are in a dream. For most people, this means a half hours a night, or about four years in a lifetime. Those who say they do not dream, just do not remember them, perhaps because they use too many stimulants.

In the visions of the night freakish and confusing reflect events, impressions and concerns daily life. Few people see in dreams, but a reflection of the past and the present, they have long tried to discern in them and the future. As much as possible — a moot point. However oneyrokritika — the art of interpreting dreams — there is more than one millennium, and already one ancient evidence in its favor — for so long a period mankind has not disappointed in this lesson, says "Cleo".

For centuries, the dream encourage people to use them for treatment, obtain advice, divination (fortune telling). In different cultures — Rome, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia (Iraq) — there was such an ancient ritual, the incubation of the (order) — the process of calling dreams of his own will, which can help in problem solving, healing or to send a person into a new dimension of experience.

The Egyptians had dreams God Serapis, which were dedicated to the cult of some temples. In these churches lived professional interpreters of dreams, they were called "gain the knowledge from the repository of secrets." These people have been specially trained to assist visitors to the temple to spell gained by them sleep, to answer an important question that brought them to this temple. The man, who had come here, fasted, performed special rituals and went to bed, sleep in the morning told the interpreter of dreams, the dreamer who was giving advice, building on the interpretation of dreams. If a person was sick and could not come to the temple, could not fasting, he hired someone else who made the trip and brought to him for advice.

Now other times in reach of each of us is on a couple of dream books. We know that dreams are not only drawn to the surface latent discontent with something, they can be used to answer the unresolved issue. It is only necessary to realize that you're sleeping, and so you can book subjects of their choice.

What secrets are hidden dreams, trying to sort out a lot. From what came out of it, we got an impressive list of theories, science fiction and mystery, incredible and more or less plausible, each of which found a suitable example of life.

1. Dream — it is a look into the future

It has long been considered the predictions of dreams, revelations of the gods. They shed light on upcoming events, guarded and protected. Even without the gift of prophetic Cassandra, you have all the chances to see a prophetic dream. And each of us can recall the prophetic dream that foretold a meeting with the betrothed, birth and other important events.

2. Sleep — a hint

Dreams can come to parent-aunt fairies and a few minutes to solve the problem that worries you awake. Mendeleev was the dream of his famous table of the chemical elements. Less well known is the story of another chemist — German scientist Kekule, who while searching for the molecular structure of benzene in a dream saw a snake that bites its own tail. Waking up, the scientist realized that the desired molecule has a ring shape. Faced with the problem of indecision in reality, you can sort out in my mind a lot of options, and you will find the answer in a dream. You can dream about the plot of the novel, the repair option, and plan new apartment and even a plan of conquering man of your dreams.

3. Sleep — a warning

Sometimes dreams can protect us from error, showing poor results of our actions. They play in front of us conduct script is placed in the center of events that make the protagonist adventures and make our wishes come true. And then all at Wilde: in life there are two tragedies — when his dream comes true and when it comes true. The second — a tragedy in the truest sense of the word. Because getting what you wanted for so long, you, paradoxically, you realize that it's not what you wanted … And here are the dreams of the good wizards, lost in our imagination (or in a parallel world, this is how do you like) scenario that would make you deeply unhappy and will bring nothing but trouble and disappointing. Waking up from this nightmare, you will realize that fate has given you another chance at happiness.

4. Dream — a desire that can not be realized in real life

Following the example of Freud's grandfather all people in the world have felt the last perverts who have lost all sense of shame. For our dreams are full of indecent and obscene symbols of desires, which are embodied in his sleep in a carefully disguised form. So our mind seeks to resolve the conflict between the social aspects of unacceptable behavior and inner desires, mostly of a sexual nature. We will not go into the jungle of Freudianism, and better accept and like our dreams like a fairyland, which made the most fantastic dreams and the most incredible desire to become a reality. Lonely are the queens of the ball and do not know besieged by fans. Lovers who are separated in real life, in a hurry for a date. Those who turned away from luck, win millions in the lottery. But supporters of diets absorb the mountains of forbidden delights per night. I will not cite specific examples, each of us has something to remember about it. And smile and stargazing, and squinting with pleasure.

5. Dream — a reality

Imagine for a moment that a date with a famous person in the dream — and not a dream at all, but a real reality, only the reality of the other, parallel, around the world. In it you live a different life, work for another place to meet other people and you love another man. Do you think he is better? He's just different. And take a tour there and enjoy all its charms can, climbing into bed and surrendering to the power of Morpheus.

Indeed, where is the line between the real and the unreal, between dream and reality? Remember the ancient Chinese philosopher who dreamed he was a butterfly? Waking up, he began to wonder who he is — a man who dreamed he was a butterfly, or a butterfly who dreamed that she was a man.

Inga Krapivina


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