I, or the last illusion. Online

Very often people forget, and some even do not ever learn that they do not have a body. But to think in terms of "I am the body" — a road to nowhere. Whatever you may be doing good in the way of its development — you'll be standing in place, because you will develop only the illusion of one. This is the same as the water drawn seed — it will not grow, you need to water the seed of the real, but it can be transformed into a flower. This film will help you in the literal sense of "sober up" from the long sleep of the materialist view of himself.

I look online, or last illusion.

Part of the theme of this movie has been raised on the (really recommend the THIS and THIS) Articles, because I was very pleased to see in this film is incredible spirit of the people that life could not break despite the fact that she had left them with no arms, no legs, and seemingly without hope …
Thanks to Yuri for the link.


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