Ice jams on the river in China


5.01.11.Po at 8:00 today, the total length of sections of the Yellow River in Shandong Province / East China / caught in the grip of ice jams, reached 188.16 km. It is 5.5 km compared with Tuesday.

As it became known corr. Xinhua News Agency Headquarters in the provincial flood control in the basin. Yellow River, to date a total of 41 station p. Yellow River in Shandong Icy. Ice thickness was 0.2-5 cm

This winter, from December 16, some areas of the Yellow River on territoriiShanduna were covered with ice. According to the forecast, in the next dnitemperatura air here will remain low. Thus, length of frozen sections of the river has increased

Freeze-up is one of the biggest threats to river dams on the Yellow River. Therefore, to address the staff was dismantled markups of 37 pontoon bridges, preventing movement lda.V present, local authorities Water osuschestvlyayuttschatelny monitoring and control of the ice cover on the river to provide security during the ice drift.

China Radio International

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