Icefall in New Zealand




Another "mega-cryoMeteor", or, in normal language, a huge piece of ice the size of a soccer ball hit the roof of the house of spouses Robertson Midoubanke, the eastern suburbs of Auckland.

It took place on 21 January from. , the ice floe, speeding up to a speed of 450 km. per hour, pierced tile roof, ceiling, and a few more hurdles before not laid to rest on a bench in the kitchen.

"The impact was just terrifying, — said the hostess. — Because I could not sit there and clean vegetables … "

Fortunately, the 80-year-old Mrs. Robertson and her 83-year-old husband Bruce escaped a direct hit. Hearing the blow, the couple ran to look at each other, everything was in order, and stumbled upon a block of ice.

Firefighter John Sweeney, who came to the challenge, estimated the total volume of ice in the 3-5 kg. As usual, the first suspicion fell on airplanes, but the ice was clean, did not contain specific to aviation hydraulics and on-board toilets colored impurities.

In New Zealand, January — it's the middle of summer is not the season for snow and ice. Climate scientist Jim Salinger has already declare that this block of ice is hardly natural formation and most likely formed as a result of a de-icing of aircraft.

«New Zealand Herald», January 22, 2004

Russian Ufologicheskiy Digest 03 / March 2004

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