Idols and mascots

Amulets and TalismansIdols and talismans — esoteric attributes whose mission is the empowerment of its own well-being of the owner, and protection from various negative influences. Mascots are both artificial and natural origin. In some cases, the mascots as a tool to make the viewing of future events. They can completely prevent the owner of his own impending threat or attack. A lot of charms and used for medicinal purposes. In the history of the mass when the main healers were specifically mascots. Mascots tuned vibration energy only for its own owner and serve him. Stolen strong mascot has the effect of not being quite as strong energy bomb explosion, after which posypetsya catastrophic chain of events.

Esoteric products have a very profound tradition, including religious ones. For example, in Christianity — the cross wearing underwear with the face of Jesus in Judaism — the star of David and a reddish thread in Islam — the hand of Fatima or Hamsa. All of these are examples of a more recognizable in the world history of strongest wards with strong religious Egregor which have a universal focus in all areas of life. Are narrowly focused and talismans, for example idol from fire or mascot-Key welfare, etc.

For many centuries the population of the earth is given by the primordial world: why some people constantly unlucky in business, while others have constant trouble and ruin? So people began to consider the impact of talismans and teach for a living. In the course of many years of research, the positions of all the mascots and more than more stronger. Positive effects were found very many, and negativity in their never found. Scientists are inclined to conclude that a similar effect mascots are deeply embedded in the human soul. All sacred knowledge that saves the world's population is hidden in the sacred signs and signs, awareness of which are accessible only to the initiated.

The greatest fear people have always referred to the so-called "evil eye" which very punched the human biofield, bringing to life his continuous bad weather. The ancient Greeks, for protection against evil eye is often used everyday needle, and the ancient Egyptians applied image scarab. In Naples, there was a fashion animal horns attached to the house, it brought them protection. Of fundamental importance paid and clothes, as an idol. In Islam to the present day popularity of the burqa and the hijab, it protects women from very different kind of magic effects. Many people enjoy special recognition headdress — the Muslim turban, a pile of the Jews. These hats are very beneficial effect on the crown chakra, and spend the pure energy of the cosmos with the highest vibrations.

In the Middle Ages mascots were registered in all the towns euro mainland. Most of them were in Constantinople. In this town have been collected more expensive charms of its own time. Of fundamental importance was given obelisk of reddish stone, dragons and sea idols.

Of fundamental importance and have mascots for the home. These include the different religious and ethnic sculptures writing. The most practical application of a menorah lighting fixture. Specifically, it allows you to create a clean space of negativity, including poltergeists with the greatest efficiency. With all of this does not need to possess any psychic abilities. Menorah candles to better get specifically from the Holy Land, it will help protect yourself from counterfeit and substandard products.

Science unlikely when absolutely be able to explain the power of talismans and amulets. But, if you had a chance to acquire for itself its own mascot, which started to work for you, then no reasons skeptics fail to convince you of working.

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