on December 7, 2011 foreshadows some events


10.11.11.Tuchi condensed. The closer we get to 2012, the more precursors are felt. On Earth grows volcanic, seismic activity, climate and natural disturbances also brought a lot of suffering poor inhabitants of planet Earth. But let's think about it, not at the hands of a man slipping on our shoulders all these troubles? HAARP in fact work!

And today I was sent a link above to the site with the promising title and this is where the fun begins, look to the naked eye, there is nothing interesting on the site do not see but a black screen, but if I make a deft hand movement pressing the keys Ctrl + A, we can see countdown timer, as of this writing, the timer shows that something is left up to 26 days + 20h: 34m: 11s, and that this would mean the site is not specified.

I thought I read people on various international forums, and learned nothing useful, all built around efimernye versions 6 and 7 December 2011. And people can not determine which of the two days the passage of time crouches on the counter. After polumintnogo miscalculation, I came to the final date of December 7, 2011. Let us now analyze what the date, try to co-construct their version forthcoming.

The first thing I would like to draw your attention, it's the fact that the number 7 in the view of the majority — it's a lucky number, which brings good luck. Masons worship him too. That's what they say about the number 7:

There are seven free sciences, namely, grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. Grammar taught me to write and speak in a language that I'm learning, "according to the rules of the first, second and third coordination." Rhetoric teaches art to talk about any subject. Logic teaches correctly argue that in order to distinguish truth from error. Teach arithmetic properties of numbers. Geometry teaches art to measure the properties of … Music teaches colors. Astronomy teaches the knowledge of the heavenly bodies.

Relation to the number of Masons 7 we discussed, let's go back in time and look at the history. What happened infamous December 7 last years?!

December 7 1941, during the Second World War took an attack on a military base at Pearl Harbor, after which the United States declared war on Japan and entered a world confrontation. On this day, the United States has suffered a significant loss, was destroyed by a powerful fleet, killing more than 3000 people. Japan did that with the intention to stop the United States on a military aggression against Burma and Thailand, thus protecting these small states. The current U.S. military aggression against Iraq and Libya is very similar to the events of those times.

Perhaps half a century later, the United States using the climate weapon HAARP decided to avenge Japan earthquake followed by the disaster at the Fukushima AES for Pearl Harbor?

December 7 1972 launched the spacecraft Apollo 17 landing on the program people to the moon. This flight was the last one, then turned to the program, and therefore the idea of lunar conspiracy. The essence of the lunar conspiracy is to ensure that the Apollo astronauts on the Moon found traces of the alien presence and location on the dark side of the moon bases aliens. For over 30 years, no one was planning to land on the moon, although technical possibilities to do this. For more information, see the suggested one of the last high-profile Hollywood masterpieces — Apollo 18 and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the film Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon were used film footage of Pearl Harbor. In this connection, you can easily link the above two dates.

Given the recent events related to the invasion of Libya, I dare to assume that at the end of the time on the clock United States got involved in a new military conflict December 7, 2011. Also recalling information from Wikileaks suggests the invasion of aliens, predicting that the month of November.


From the time factor:

While the One-time counts down and the end date is December 7, on another site called is the message, but when you click on the link as well as on the website at first glance you do not see anything , but if you simultaneously press the Ctrl + A (English), as shown on screen:


All of us are the brothers and the sisters. We have the power to finish all of the wars and the darkness. If we do not wake up, we will be too late and the darkness will arise …


In English, I'm not very strong, so meaningful and convey verbatim what is written in the text, I can not, if they will be translated text, you'll be very grateful.

Auto translation by Google:


We are all brothers and sisters. We have the power to end all wars and the darkness. If we do not wake up, we will be too late and the darkness will arise …

We have the power to change their destiny

Text as we see three tochiem ends, it is possible that somewhere there must be a continuation of the message, and what is the message and what it is for you to decide for yourself.

By jackals on this topic on the forum and shtatovskih naryl reference on another countdown there generally remains 16 days, let alone that there they have to happen I do not know))), full text course golimatya if you believe someone Google, which is satanic, Our god Lucifer or something like that. Well, the counter just in case I skomunizdil. Perhaps prigoditstso.

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