Impoverishment of the free world: 1980-2011

Impoverishment of the citizens of the "free world": 1980-2011

The myth that the neo-liberal market reforms have enriched the average citizen of the West — sassy heresy. Structural market reforms have brought real impoverishment and terrifying separation in the Group of Seven rich nations. This is — the key to the collapse of liberal democracy and peace in the coming era or a new totalitarianism, or a new dark age in horror.


The reality is: the average inhabitant of the West since 1973, became only the poorer. The present statistics do not confirm those tales that fed us the neo-liberal economists — liars or imbeciles. To start talking, open labor Lester Thurow, "The Future of Capitalism", released in America in 1997.

As of the moment in the United States from 1973 to 1995, GDP per capita, according to official data, increased by 36%. With all of this hourly wages of ordinary workers has decreased by 14%! In the 1980s, much of the growth in earnings went to the top 20% of the labor force. But if you look in detail, the 64% wage growth fell to just 1% of workers. And it is — top managers. Their earnings increased 10-fold matches, while in others it decreased since 1973.

"As far as this may increase inequality, before the system is down?" — Inquired Dr. Thurow even then.

According to his calculations, the end of the twentieth century South American real wages of the employee will return to the level of the 1950s, despite the fact that GDP since that time all the same has increased significantly. In other words, the essence of neo-liberal reforms in the West (1979-2011 gg.) — Is to take away from workers — and to give all managers and capitalists. This policy has led to the destruction of the base of the foundations of democracy: secured and countless middle class. As in Russia, which in the West.

If you see earnings instead of total revenues, the picture will suffer more. The share of the top 1% of employees (top managerov and capitalists) fell 90% revenue growth for 1980. Even then, the average earnings of Governors five hundred large U.S. companies on the list, "Fortune" on average increased from 35 to 157 wages of the average worker. (At the moment, this gap is even more). In those years the income of white families in the United States have fallen down so that the weight went to work ladies: it was once the bear and the kids run the house as before. They had to reach the lost income household budget. The average earnings of men in the United States, working year-round and full-day, for the years 1973-1993. fell by 11% (from 34 thousand dollars a year to 30.4 million), while GDP per capita would like to have increased over the same period by 29%. If we take only the snow-white guys with full employment, their average earnings fell by 14%. If we take the earnings of white educated males 25 to 34 years, there decline in average earnings in particular dramatically — by 25%.


Then Thurow said: "Half a century has not brought any gain in earnings of ordinary workers. Itself in America never had. " The real income of households, the smallness of rising through the mass return to work the ladies have gained a peak in 1989 — and then, too, began to fall.

Do you think at the moment the situation better? We present data from the journal "Expert" as of August 2011.

"… According to a study conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Federal reserve system, with 1970 revenues of management companies, adjusted for inflation increased fourfold, while the earnings of 90% of the Yankees have not changed. In 1970, the salary of a manager 28 times that of the average employee salary, and by 2005, the ratio had grown to 158 times. Historically, the United States returned to the situation of the 1920s. According to the Census Bureau, in 1929, under Republican President Herbert Hoover Gini coefficient (the ratio of income of the poorest 10% and richest 10%) was 45. Now it is 46.8 … "

So, reading Thurow 1997, and you read about today's America. And then he wrote that nezapyatannoy price of the property fraction of the upper half of one percent of the population rose from 1983 to 1989, from 26 to 31%. By the beginning of the 90s fraction of wealth owned by the top 1% has doubled in comparison to the mid 70's and over 40% actually returned by the end of 1920. By the era before the introduction of a progressive tax on personal income. Simple enough that our "reformers" with shrieks rushed to copy this system. Steal the cattle and enriches it! You see — the elder brothers in the West are doing it. We — all while employees — inferior race!

Let's take the realities of 2000 — the end of the "economically successful" Democrat Clinton's reign (1992-2000). Has long been read, to learn the realities of the United States, it is better not to read donkeys economists, and South American detectives. There — mass associated parts. So …

"… Why are the bosses of the New World Order is necessary efforts with the armed seizure (USA — MK)? People are being killed and so on 2-3 jobs to make ends meet reduced. Average Yankees each year gives its own revenue for the four and a half months to pay federal income taxes, then skinned it with a sales tax, property tax, additional taxes, excise taxes, not to mention all the sheltered levies incorporated in the daily prices under the guise of commissions unlimited orders of the Office of the price regulation and other toothy government agencies. Ultimately, the citizens of bureaucracy give 70 percent of earnings … "

It is written by F. Paul Wilson. In the book "The conspirators» (Conspiracies), 2000

You know, that has led to the impoverishment of the Yankees? Mass production output in China. They were deprived of high-quality, well-paying jobs.

Outside WHERE LUXURY? Life went into debt!

Fathead Commoner judge by outward effect. Well! Americans lived lavishly. They took cars and houses, strolling shoppingovat in supermarkets, malls, where at the moment — pile of all things.

But we — are not stupid-inhabitants. We know perfectly well that the outer abundance in the same USA achieved by 2-reasons.

First — a cheap mass products began to supply China. But with all this creates a side-effect of China took from U.S. 10's of millions of jobs because of the American de-industrialization. A "post-industrial stage" of workers was earning much less than the South American workers 70s.

The second factor — that consume, Americans began to get into debt, take out loans. In contrast to earlier times, how he saw Dmitry Tratas, the ordinary people in the West can not buy a house for himself or flat on their savings. And I add: gone are the days when, in 1930-1970-s employee could save up money to start their own business.

…First, the 1950s and the middle of the first aquanauts underwater treasure hunters thundered name Hallie Hamlin. He was better known than the Edwin Link — raskopschik sunken Port Royal and the builder of the house underwater lift. Hamlin also built a mini-submarine to search for sunken ships. Built himself. The private firm. And you know how he got rich?

Actually H.Hemlin came from a poor family of American workaholic. Born in 1910, he worked as a lumberjack and (breaking with all this spine fifteen years of age), and work in Hollywo
od, and altitude climber. But in the thirties, decided to seek a sunken treasure. But what Chichi to start a business? Normal operating not afford to equip the expedition from his own pocket. Go to the bank? Well, who will give a loan of bankers working, and besides, under such an adventurous project? Finding wealthy sponsors Hamlin also not lusted. And so, to get money, our hero becomes a diver in the construction of the bridge, "Golden Gate" in San Francisco (1933-1937 gg.) That was a priority project of the "American Socialism" — the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt. Stick there diver was terribly unsafe thing, but well paid. Hamlin worked in a group of 20 divers. Nine of them were killed in the construction of the bridge. Hamlin survived — albeit damaged eardrums. From the construction site, he left with 20 bucks in the pocket tyschami, honestly earned a weary labor.
20 thousand dollars in 1937 — a lot of money. Then the new "Ford" was worth 900 bucks. In general, the workaholic Hamlin was able to honestly earn the equivalent of about a quarter million bucks now. Simple enough that earned diving fishing Yankees managed prostroen first apparatus for underwater work and even look for a sunken ship in the Pacific, "HJ Cochrane. " Raise he could not beat, but later invented and patented a machine for dispensing carbonated beverages. This brought him to the capital is enough to Hamlin built the first mini-submarine to search for sunken treasure … (Jane and Barney Crile. Treasury Diving Holidays., 1954, Russian edition — 1956)

If Hamlin was not a fanatic underwater search, he could with the money to buy a house, make a bunch of kids, to start their own small business. Yes, in general, employees in the U.S. since 1945 have lived so well that they began to wind up with 4-5 kids per family (baby boom), with all this having their homes, cars, washing machines and telecom.

Fast forward to doglobalizatsionnye U.S. blessed the 1970s, has not mutilated neoliberal monetarist tests Reagan and America's next president. Lofty industrial construction and the future head of the USSR Yuri Goskomtrud Batalin visited Alaska in 1976. Looked at how the Yankees are building a pipeline. Snow-white hardworking Americans worked hard here on the contract — 10 months, one day off per month, a working day — 10 hours. But earnings — 140-160 dollars per shift. For the season working, eating well at a construction site at the expense of the company, set aside 20-25 thousand dollars. This — in 1976 dollars, which translates to today — in some places 50 thousand. For several seasons, the South American wage-worker in Alaska could become firmly on his feet and, according Yu.Batalin, start their own business. In other words, to make the same quarter of a million in five to six years. I emphasize — we are not talking about the manager and not a businessman, but of the ordinary wage-worker!
Great? Now, amid the realities of the era of neoliberal globalization, monetary, all of this is nostalgic tears even in the U.S..

Having lost not bad wages, Americans began to take all the credit. And that led to the neo-liberal economy debt catastrophe today. Fell mortgage that gave the illusion of the highest standard of living. And now and do not take personal loans: to otdavatkuchu debts of old times, wasting earned a return of loans rather than new products. And the U.S. are flying in the ass — retail stagnates. But the most terrible — is sunk in debt is not only a household, and the Group of Seven countries.

Well, where's the fantastic success of structural market reforms in the West? Eh? The fifth point they are. People really becomes scanty and splits. This means that inevitably come analogue Hugh Long, who in 1930 came to power with the motto of the creation of the national-socialist country in the United States, with a fair redistribution of wealth. People were ready to vote for him in the elections in 1936 (his rating rating against Roosevelt was — as Obama's popularity suprotiv Bush and McCain's son). But Long's destroyed the other day that election.

And now such Longhi inevitably arise again. As well as the new National Socialist Movement and reddish. The world has gone to a new era of totalitarianism. And if he does not — then we fail in a new feudalism. That's the whole range.

Almost AS RANGE Gorbachevskiy

What was the point of market reforms in the West, now failed? In fact, in order to give the vertex (top managery and capitalists) the right to eat in three of the larynx, to consume (for tax overconsumption removed) and receive astronomical salaries with prizes.

Today's executives want to receive the West 10's and hundreds of millions of dollars "salary" in the year, taking them from the employees and diverting industry in China. In this case, getting them only for their own status. Because, despite increased from 70 income, this managerschina run corporations and banks bestalantno. She brought them to collapse — and since 2008 has done a hung losses on the government (privatization revenues, the nationalization — losses). The U.S. economy, these creatures had stopped cleaner than senile late Soviet nomenklatura — the economy of the USSR. But like the nomenclature of death was their privileges — just stand behind them and South American capitalist managers. They do not want to lose fat pie vzvivayas reared under Obama's attempt to impose the smallest of their windfall. They hunt and beyond — the giant yacht, the women of smooth, luxurious villas.

After the crisis of 2008, when the Western states had to tumble into personal trillions of dollars and euros to rescue the country from collapse and the consequences of "effective management", the voter was to pursue, let the top of companies indicating their own personal "salary" and prizes! What the hell are we pouring billions into their company, and they themselves are showered with gold? In the U.S., even the law accordingly met.

Only now it is not. Canceled. Managery want to hide the way they live bold. To quote an article from the August "Expert" …

"… Against the South American business transparency

Sergei Kostyaev, Political Science, Senior Fellow INION

U.S. big business is trying to hide the increasing gap between the salaries of management and rank and file employees

Profile Committee of the U.S. Congress approved a bill "On relieving burdensome data collection", allowing the South American corporations do not open the information gap in pay of top management and ordinary employees. Big business won the first victory to the adoption of this law. Most likely, it will be passed the Republican House of Representatives, but to go through the democratic senate will be able only as part of a package deal. For example, in the process of negotiating an increase in the limit of municipal debt, which must occur before Aug. 2, otherwise the U.S. for the first time in its history may default on its obligations. A lobbying campaign in support of this bill comes amid public debate about increasing income inequality in the United States.

The bill is aimed at the abolition of Article 953 (b) of the Dodd-Frank reform of the U.S. monetary system, adopted a year earlier. This section provides for the Federal Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to amend the federal administrative regulations, according to which all public companies must provide the following data: the arithmetic average annual earnings of all their employees, except the CEO; annual income of the General Director, the ratio of the first and second characteristics.

His coming to the SEC goes in all directions. Thus, on 23 June for the next day after the approval of the bill, the House Committee on Appropriations torn the Obama administration proposed increasing the budget S
EC, which was necessary for the recruitment of new employees, whose job would be monitoring the progress of the currency reform.

In the middle of the creators of the bill "On alleviating burdensome data collection" member of the House of Representatives of the third neighborhood of New York's Peter King, received, according to the U.S. non-profit organization "Center for Responsive Politics," more than 12 thousand dollars in campaign fund from the company General Dynamics, serving for the abolition of the ill-fated article.

Noteworthy is the speed with which deals with this bill. March 14 he was introduced to the House of Representatives and a day or two on it already held a hearing in the Subcommittee on the money markets and municipal companies of the House Committee on monetary services. April 3-4, he was recommended for consideration by the committee, which was approved on June 22 and is aimed at a plenary meeting of the entire House.

Considered the pioneer of the bill by Rep. Nan Hayworth said that "the required calculations — a heavy burden for companies, especially those that conduct business worldwide." But "the real reason that Republicans in the House want to keep a regular employee earning a secret — an awkward situation in which there are many companies that are obliged to declare that their management is more than 400 times the average worker's own", — said the creator of Article 953 (b) Democratic senator from New Jersey, Robert Menendez.

… Lobbying campaign for the abolition of the articles of the law on currency reform just a year before the beginning of 81 naikrupneyshaya U.S. public company, namely McDonald's, General Dynamics, American Airlines, IBM. The peculiarity of the huge business strategy — introducing The HR Policy Association and the reluctance illuminates the work in this direction in the records of their own corporate lobbyists. This association connects more than 250 voedinyzhdy HR directors of large U.S. companies. To solve their own problems, it uses the services of the law firm McGuiness & Yager, who practiced labor law. On the accounting records of lobbyists from 2010 to the first quarter of 2011, this office fees totaled 1.9 million dollars. In the middle of the objects of focus — the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Federal Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is interesting to note that Geoffrey McGuinness immediately is the manager and association, and the law firm, in other words, he was hired as manager of the association itself as the head of a consulting firm to provide lobbying services themselves … "

Impudent, shameless and bestalantnaya "range" of the U.S. showed itself in all its beauty. Their relatives, Russian nomenclature, already ruined Russian Alliance. And these — would kill America. Mark my words.

As an intermediate Afterword

But maybe all these lower salaries and snow-white Yankees unimaginable profits top managerov even provided unprecedented economic growth in the U.S. and Europe, 1980-2000's?

Nonsense! We'll talk about it too much. And here confine myself to a small remark: the neoliberal monetarist globalizers (reyganistah, klintonistah, bushistah etc.) the rate of U.S. economic growth is almost twice the yield rate of the 1960s, when America was living in the criteria of a strong municipal regulation and formidable progressive tax on personal consumption (but not on a personal investment in the new creation). The pace of growth in the "superrynochnikah" in the West and has not exceeded the annual average growth rate of "stagnant" 70th in the West. Did not help either privatization or liberalization.

I appeal to the Russian intelligentsia. Hey, a herd of stupid sheep! When you understand that in the West we find nothing? What is it — is also a dead end, and thence intellectuals — the same crowd of morons? If you do not believe me — read the book "The Black Swan", written by wealthy financier-Taleb. When you're anti-Soviet degenerates done slavishly copy the whole west and start to think for yourself? When you shall understand that these Gaidar, Chubais, Dvorkovich, Gref — is slag, waste rock?

20 years ago we had to keep the Soviet Union and reform of common sense. Instead, the herd of idiots decided to imitate the West. This deadly unhealthy syphilitic history. And now, after the West fly into the abyss, and Ukraine, and Russia.

We'll continue our excursion into the history of structural market reforms in the once-advanced countries of the former "golden billion".

Already the former. Because there is no "golden billion" is no more …

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