In Afghanistan, an avalanche destroyed 20 homes

February 7, 2013. In the Tuesday, February 5, in the county Javan northern Afghan province Badakhshan, border with Tajikistan, snow avalanche struck the town Sholir.

According to the news agency "Pazhvak" tons of snow destroyed about 20 homes. Reported twenty victims. Afghan forces control in the aftermath of emergencies in the province Badakhshan vainly attempts to import the necessary humanitarian assistance to the affected area due to snowy isolation County.

Such a situation is typical of many settlements of Afghanistan. Since last Thursday closed the main countries Salang Pass, which connects the northern provinces of the country with Kabul. The thickness of the snow cover on the track more than five feet. Service on the Elimination of snowdrifts can not cope with an abundance of.

Source: News Gismeteo

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