In Australia, the family was saved from a fire at sea

January 11, 2013. Five children with their grandparents were forced to spend three o'clock in the sea, clinging to a wooden berth, to escape from the deadly hell raged over them.

Grandfather five grandchildren, Tim Holmes saved his wife and children, his daughter, literally snatching them out of the sea of fire, raging and covered their home.

Their mother, Bonnie Walker sent his children to his father in the village, after their own home burned down in the town of Dunloe in Tasmania.

Tim Holmes brought the whole family to berth and when the fire got too close to him, decided to all go down into the water. This decision is, in fact, saved the family from ruin.

— We have seen fiery tornado bears down on us. The biggest problem was that air filled with smoke and ash, the water was only a couple of centimeters of air acceptable, so we constantly had to be almost submerged under water to breathe.


Source: News in pictures

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