In Australia, the two-headed fish found


5.07.11.V River Basin Australian Noosa (Noosa) was marked by the mass death of fish fry. Matt Landos (Matt Landos), a specialist in the field of ichthyology Australian Veterinary College, discovered that the reason for this genetic mutation.

Changes in the structure of the fry were such that more than two days, they did not survive. Most often fry hatched from the eggs two-headed. Similar changes were seen in embryos and animals in the areas adjacent to the plantation house and sheep farms.

According to the scientist, for all the work he first encountered this phenomenon. Conducted his experiments using water from the River Noosa exclude effects on embryos of bacteria or viruses. On suspicion Landosa, cause mutations were banned in many countries, except Australia, organophosphorus fertilizer — carbendazim and endosulfan, which are used on macadamia nut plantations.

However, not only chemical exposure can cause mutations of living organisms. Adverse biological factors such as the parasitic organisms that damage the frog spawn, gave birth to the fifth leg of frogs in some areas of the U.S.. A similar disease in frogs was recorded in the UK in the river Ning (Nene) in Cambridgeshire. In Moscow River residents with visible deformities and diseases constitute a large part of the population.


Source: Pogoda@Mail.Ru

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