In Bashkir lake caught fish from the Amazon. Video


24.08.11.Potomstvenny fisherman from the village Khalilov that Abzelilovsky Bashkortostan region did not know what to do with their latest catch: whether to boast, or to scare the neighbors.

— At the lake I fish a Surtaev 20 years, catching carp, tench, pike, big time and again come across — said Zulfar Baibulatov. — So this time, when the float went under water, I knew the fish caught on a hook large. But as soon as she appeared above the water, I realized that such a catch with my family was not. Neither give nor take mutant was caught on the hook!

Black, with huge fins, with a very solid big fish scales desperately swallowed air. Her weight — about two pounds, length 30 inches.

— It is hard as stone. It is clear to the ear to let her we did not dare — said the fisherman. — I took a miracle-Judaic home and put it in a large bowl with no water. What is most surprising, it was not going to die. Whole day prispokoyno lay in the same plate! The next day I threw in a fish tank with water, and then we'll be let back into the lake.

In the miracle of the lake-Jude Surtaev professional aquarists immediately recognized inhabitant of the Amazon with an exotic name terigopliht brocade.

— He dwells in South America. Benthic fish, catfish of the family, eats algae, — the "KP" aquarium director Ufa Leonid Tsypin. — It is clear that the natural way to swim in the lake Bashkir she could not. Apparently, it contained someone in the home aquarium, and then, tired of unusual pet, released on "free bread."

Age caught terigoplihta about three years.

— In the summer the fish may well survive in our environment — continues Leonid Tsypin. — And the fact that she lived a day without water — no wonder there starlet and two days without water can …


Where else unusual fish were caught

This summer more than ever rich in unusual catch. July 1 in the same area on the lake Abzelilovsky Karabalykty prey became dvuhkilogrammovaya piranha fishing — it is now the museum exhibit biological BSU. After a week in Lake Asly-culture on the hook caught sea fish-needle, which is found only on the Black Sea coast.


Source: KP.RU — Ufa


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