In Bashkortostan, identified cases of brucellosis


9.11.11.Vtoroy case of bovine brucellosis recorded veterinary services in the country. When autumn planned study on the summer camp Yazlavskoy dairy farm cooperative "Spark" Kuyurgazinskogo District 44 animals tested positive for brucellosis, reported in the national Veterinary Office.

The sample of 277 cows and heifers. As a result, Commission for Emergencies Kuyurgazinskogo district administration has decided to send all of the livestock farm to slaughter. Presumably the source of introduction of infection may be nearby, poor village brucellosis Raznomoyka Tyulganskogo region Orenburg region.

Specialists state that the leadership and management professionals of measures to protect the farm from importations were carried out. The farm has no fence farm vetsanpropuskniki. Allowed to work the person did not pass medical examination.

Recall, the first case was identified in the spring in the SEC "Nur" Alsheevsky district. Then the carriers of the disease were 11 bulls from Kalmykia, were brought to the country without the consent of the veterinary service and without supporting documents.

Only 9 months of this year, the Russian Federation revealed 236 new dysfunctional points on brucellosis in cattle and 30 — brucellosis cattle.

Veterinarians republic alarmed — in Bashkortostan continues uncoordinated delivery of animals from disadvantaged areas for various diseases. Thus, in the village Aydarali, LLC "Arslan" Sterlibashevskogo district in difficult brucellosis Orenburg region, without veterinary accompanying documents were delivered to 177 sheep. Delayed Party Animal Veterinary Service under the control returned to the sender. Disinfect vehicles handled the unloading and maintenance of sheep.

Such cases are installed in Gafuriysky, Beloretsk, Kuyurgazinskom and Meleuzovsky area. Population should be the terms and conditions of quarantine detention in accordance with the rules of cattle procurement and movement of animals. Slight errors in the prevention of brucellosis can have serious consequences.

author: Galia Nabieva

Source: Bashinform

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