In Bashkortostan, introduced emergency mode for locusts. Video


6.07.11.K pest control have started four districts Bashkortostana.Pervym regime introduced Haybullinskogo disaster area. Then chemical treatment began on the fields Kuyurgazinskogo, Kugarchinskogo and Baimak areas. Now on an enhanced battle locusts transform into Zianchurinskom and Zilair areas.

Recall that the chemical methods to combat this pest begin to apply when the number of insects than economic threshold — is 10-15 single individuals per square meter. To date, spraying was carried out on 60 thousand hectares. Specialists are to be treated with another 50 thousand. While farmland damaged by locusts in the republic.

Nail Baynazarov

Source: STRC "Bashkortostan"

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