In Britain — severe drought. Video


Updated: England suffering from severe drought

10.06.11.Tumanny Albion wants rain. Drought in the south-east and central England called the strongest on record. Hot spring dried up land and obmelila river. For farmers have restrictions on watering. Record heat threatens to leave without grain whole European Union.

Died from lack of water, most grain crops in France, which is the largest wheat producer in the EU. Paris has already allocated in aid to farmers billion euros, and promised the affected farm tax credits and deferred loans.


10.06.11.Ofitsialnye five counties UK authorities acknowledged that the regions come this drought, reports Sky News. The cause was an unusually dry and hot spring. Languish in waiting for the rain Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Norfolk.

However, in spite of the drought on record, the introduction of austerity water to households is planned. In this case, for the farmers for irrigation restrictions still imposed. The current drought is recognized as the most powerful ever recorded in the south-east and central England.


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