In Bronnitsy explosion occurred in a 5-storey building


17.10.11.Moschny explosion in suburban Bronnitsy afternoon of October 17. — In at number 42 on the street in Moskvoretskaya 15.26 exploded gas. From the flash fire started — told Life News in the MOE.

— The blast collapsed ceilings between the third and fourth floors and the collapse of the outer walls of the 4th and 5th floors. According to preliminary data, the debris can be people. From the state of emergency in the hospital Bronnitskaya delivered three wounded.

According to witnesses, the windows came the cry of the people, but rescuers still can not find them. At the moment, five apartments dilapidated house in flames.

— In place of the task force is working EMERCOM of Russia for the Moscow region, 16 fire brigades, rescue units GUMO "Mosoblpozhspas" and other online services — commented on Life News, the press service of the EMERCOM in Moscow region. — From the top floors evacuated 12 people.

Julia Yermilova

Source: Life News Online

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