In California pertussis epidemic


Parents are required to make children vaccinated

22.09.11.Nachalo school in some secondary schools in California was marked by long queues of students lined up for a mandatory vaccination … pertussis.

This is the new rule of the Joint Department of school education in Los Angeles (LA Unified School District), entered this school year in schools. Parents should accept these terms not so much out of fear of possible infection, how much of the need to comply with the conditions of LAUSD, if they want their children to go to a new campus.

Many of them even before the start of the school year found medical facilities that make such grafts, and the school has already brought their children to the official paper. Everyone else, do not get vaccinated in their first day of classes at the school, was given a period of 30 days. Currently, vaccination is already 85% of students.

The new law, by its unprecedented severity, came into effect this summer. LAUSD employees conducted among students and teachers talk, explaining why it is so important vaccination against pertussis, especially those who are trying to wriggle out of it. Each campus will report the percentage of fulfilled its demands, and what yet.

An epidemic of whooping cough — a dangerous infectious diseases of the respiratory tract — in California first began after it spread in 2010 statewide. Were reported 8.383 cases of confirmed, probable, and suspected that was the highest for the last 63 years. (Only in 1947 there was something like that. Then this figure was more than a thousand.) And nearly 75% of the cases occurred in the Hispanic population.

Last year in California died from whooping cough nine infants who have not reached the age of three. And authorities sounded the alarm. A state health authorities made an official statement that the situation is classified as an epidemic. Symptoms of whooping cough is sometimes confused with the common cold and acute respiratory disease, which complicates its timely diagnosis. The most characteristic symptom of whooping cough is spasmodic attacks of dry cough that lasts for a few weeks to six months. And then the parents should exercise enhanced vigilance, If we are talking about the epidemic. Indeed, pertussis is known, is not only a cough, and involved in it not only the throat and bronchi. It can cause severe complications, such as persistent brain disorders — encephalopathy and encephalitis, seizures, and even death.

LAUSD on its website reports that from July this year introduced a new law (AB 354), according to which the state was changed requirements related to the prevention of the spread of epidemics. Henceforth, immunization is required for all students, without exception, middle and high school (7 to 12). The law requires that students for the new academic year had in your immunization card mark on adolescent vaccination called Tdap. Starting next school year, these assets will be offered only to students already seven classes — when entering High School. And the rule is now extended to all California schools, both public and private. "This is an innovation — the site says LAUSD, — will help protect your child and the other students in your school against pertussis. Whooping cough is a serious disease that causes severe coughing attacks that can last for several months. A baby can not be excluded fatal. "

Universal immunization

Over recent years, the disease progresses much, not only in California, but across America. State Minister of Health Mark Horton Urges do pertussis vaccination to all children, regardless of age. Moreover, he says, additional vaccination should go to parents of affected children, and other family members, as well as those who care for them.

American doctors, researching the disease, concluded that outbreaks of pertussis occur on average at intervals of 5 years. (In 2005, for example, there were about 3.200 cases of infection, with eight fatalities.) Most pertussis are infected each other preschool children.

Never before had not been ill infants with pertussis, and certainly did not die from it. At least in our country and in the countries where it is not only at school, but since kindergarten without exception are vaccinated regularly against major infectious diseases. A woman becomes a mother, kept the immunity acquired in childhood, and it protects the birth of her child.

In the U.S., much importance vaccination nothing was made. And here's the result. "It is recognized that it is adults with undiagnosed pertussis often infect children, especially infants, — the report of the Ministry of Health of the State of the last year of the epidemic. — Do not diagnosed cases of pertussis in adults — one of the reasons a constant circulation of the pathogen of the disease in the population. "

In the 20 states of the country, and especially in California, Texas and Ohio, the parents always had the option — the right to refuse vaccination on the basis of "personal beliefs." And many of them use this right, basically — because of unsubstantiated fear that the vaccination of their child could develop autism. Autism had anything to do with pertussis vaccination and from it or not — no one had any confirmed or refuted. But the proof of a direct link between parents' refusal of vaccination and last year's surge in the incidence of pertussis in these three states.

By the way, the very recent laboratory studies, did finally refuted the link between immunization against pertussis and autism. Correcting the mistake which had a place, now, according to the recommendations of the Center for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (CDC), to three years in young children should be made four inoculations. Another — to six years, and the last — to 11.12 years. Well, as they say, better late than never.

Eleanor Mandalyan, Mr. Burbank, CA

Source:  KP.RU — USA

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