In Chelyabinsk appeared chupacabra. Video


26.09.11.V Chelyabinsk another case of attack by unknown creatures for pets. The mistress of a garden site found broken-cell, dead rabbits and strange tracks. As you know, there have been similar cases in Kopeisk (summer) and the Upper Ufalej (autumn).

Elvira Mistress of garden site still can not understand what kind of animal to break the cage and break rabbits. At night, the hosts did not hear anything. Traces of carnage discovered in the morning. "Dogs do not bark all night — emphasizes Sheremet Elvira, Mistress garden. — In the morning when we got up, the dog was zashugannaya. It is the second day is not barking. "

The Chelyabinsk region is not the first attack on domestic animals. The victims have already given the nickname unknown creatures — Chupacabra. The perpetrator is always the handwriting: animal body in pieces, no sign of blood. June 2011: the private sector Kopeysk exterminated more than six rabbits. In early September, the Upper Ufalej damaged several farms. Began to spread among livestock incredible rumors about a strange creature.

The experts on this opinion. They reject the mystical version. "The attack was carried out animal that we know, — said Sergei Shibanov, search engine research association" Kosmopoisk. " — Maybe it's a rabid fox or stray dogs. All animal attack just killed, it's more like a game. "

The fact that the animal is easily broken down cell — not surprising, experts say. Even a small dog can optionally budge man. But locals still can not believe that a purely prosaic explanation for everything. Supporters version of the mysterious Chupacabra after each such case only gets bigger.
Anton Blinov, Alexander Merkuryev

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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