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Updated: In Chile is evacuated due to the eruption of a volcano

6.06.11.V Chile continues evacuation of residents of settlements in the mountain range Kauye Cordon, where one of the more active volcanoes. As long as people rush to leave the danger zone around the huge cloud of volcanic ash and smoke can be seen the flash of lightning.

According to Chilean authorities, from the area of the eruption have been evacuated for about three and a half thousand. At the moment they are placed in schools and other institutions where they are provided with food and clothing.

Interior Minister said that in view of the recent data on the volcanic activity of the authorities intend to continue the evacuation.

[Rodrigo Gintspeter, Minister of the Interior of Chile]
"Last night there was a gathering of the collapse of lava and volcanic rocks, which confirmed and strengthened us in the thought of the need to continue the evacuation. Therefore, since the day the process of evacuation of people living there, do not stop. "

Volcano eruption is about 900 miles south of the capital — Santyago. It forced the Chilean authorities to close a popular border crossing from Chile to Argentina in the Andes.

So far, due to poor visibility could not figure out which of the four volcanic mountain range intensified.

Chilean range, consisting of about two thousand volcanoes, is the second largest after Indonesia. In total there are located on 50 to 60 volcanoes whose activity was recorded, as well as more about 500 potentially active volcanoes.
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5.06.11.Posle more than 60 small earthquakes, the intensity of which did not exceed 4 points on the Mercalli scale, seismologists recorded awakening volcano Puyeue Kaulle Cordon-chain, located in the central part of the country.

Huge clouds of smoke up to 10 km up over the top of the volcano.

— A column of ash and smoke rise over Puyeue. The wind carries them to the side of Argentina — said the MOE Chile.
For security reasons, more than 3,500 residents of nearby communities urgently evacuated.

Cordon-Kaulle — chain, consisting of four volcanoes.

— Initially, because of the strong fumes, it was unclear which of the volcano woke up. Only after some time we have been able to understand that this is Puyeue, who slept last decades — told the MOE Chile.

The most violent eruption was recorded in the chain of Cordon-Kaulle in 1960, and the last eruption Puyeue proizosho in 1990.

Local seismologists voderzhalis from expectations, but noted that the expansion of the evacuation zone is uncertain.

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