In China, a child was born with two heads


The girl with two heads. Sichuan Province. May 2011. Photo:

7.05.11.Devochka with two heads born on May 5 in a hospital in the village of Xining, Sichuan Province. According to experts, this is the first such case in China.

According to the publication "Megalopolis western China," two-headed girl was born by Caesarean section in the morning on May 5. Birth weight was 4.05 kg.

In February this year, in the sixth month of pregnancy, mom girl, 35-year-old Bao Tsyaoin, was examined by ultrasound in the city hospital, where she was told that her womb one living fetus.

Only just before the birth, May 3, during the re-survey of doctors found that the child will be with two heads.

This news was very angry spouses, and the next day they went to the hospital to have an abortion. However, at this time, the fruit began to move and the doctors said that it is necessary to give birth, or if an abortion, there is a danger to the life of the mother.

The girl's parents — poor farmers who live off the sale of potatoes. They are very skeptical that will contain the child and pay for hospital expenses.

"Now we do not know what to do, how to live, and hope that someone will help us at least advice" — mother says the girl.

May 6 specialists Suining City Central Hospital conducted a second survey of the newborn, and confirmed that the operation of the division is not possible. Besides the two goals at the girl and two spine, two of the esophagus and a half of the heart (the atria two left and one right), all the other organs are shared.

Doctors say that if the girl survives, can exist only in this state — with two heads.

Ilya Ivanov.

The Epoch Times

The girl with two heads. Sichuan Province. May 2011. Photo from

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