In China, for 3 days was 92 earthquake


4.01.11.Uezd Intszyan in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan from 1 to January 3, lasted until the New Year weekend, experienced 92 tremors due to a risk of collapse canceled classes in local schools, the Chinese press reported Tuesday.

According to the provincial seismological station, the maximum magnitude of 4.9 jolts. According to preliminary estimates, the earthquake in varying degrees, affected 148,000 people, nearly 90,000 were forced to flee their homes. Tremors damaged more than 30 thousand houses. However, information about the seriously injured or killed were reported.

Local authorities have reported that people who lost their homes are now placed in the tents, to the region to urgently deliver more humanitarian aid.

Classes in elementary and secondary schools, the county Intszyan, which were to begin on Tuesday after the official Christmas holidays have been canceled until January 6, because of the threat of collapse and the probability for earthquakes, RIA "Novosti".


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