In China, protesting against emissions. Video


17.10.11. At 9:00 pm on October 14 residents of the Fenghuang in Suzhou in eastern China blocked the entrance to the technology company Keshen. They are protesting against the emission of gaseous wastes at two plants operated by the company.

Residents say that these emissions pollute the environment in their area and negatively affect the health of children and the elderly.

[Jan, a resident of Fenghuang]

"These gas emissions enter the body through the nose, particularly affects children and the elderly. They begin to cough. "

To suppress the protest city government sent armed police. The demonstrators were beaten.

Locals protest for five years to stop air pollution by industrial emissions in their areas. They met with representatives of the Keshen about 20 times, but all in vain. They also complain about the inaction of the authorities.

Mr. Yang believes that the only way — to move to other areas.

[Jan, a resident of Fenghuang]

"If the authorities of the city begin to take action, or if they just avoid responsibility, or say that they have no better way to solve the problem, then, in the end, people will have no choice but to move."

In China, industrial pollution with the connivance of local authorities — a common phenomenon. Achieve a district residents Fenghuang safer environment for themselves and their children — is unclear.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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