In Don mutant fish swim?


10.12.11.Esli walk on the promenade of Rostov by fishermen, you can hear a lot of interesting things … It is full of interesting stories and fishing forums in the "network."

Some people with anxiety say that the Don can be caught "fish strange rock", others proudly post photos of unusual trophy — mutants, the third this strangeness and wonder. Given the ecological situation in the region, which the people themselves, it slowly destroys, what can we say about the inhabitants of rivers and reservoirs.

Bikes bikes, but no smoke without fire, as they say, does not happen. Moreover, anomalous phenomena, and all kinds of mutations in nature, although some scientific or even logical explanation but there. We collected stories seasoned "miracle sea" and asked for an explanation of the experts. In general, believe, and want — do not believe it.

— In my memory was caught unusual likely mutating fish in Kamensk, but that was back in the eighties — says Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Valery Privalenko. — At the time there were a lot of legends that after the Chernobyl accident were born two-headed calves. But such a thing happened to the environmental disaster.

In nature there are mutations, and they are not always associated with the ecological imbalance. This can be a common natural deviation.

Now no one is observed, this just is not allocated money. Until then, while experts will not engage in the study of water, we do not know about the processes that take place there. Who knows what we mutants ogod catch in the future, if not carried out any research and large-scale efforts to clean up the rivers.

— As for the notorious affair with piranha, which was caught last summer in Salt Lake, it's just funny — says Privalenko. Obviously someone at her divorce, and then released for lack. Or someone decided to publish in the media sensation. Piranha is very heat-loving fish, we would not survive it ever. The same opinion is shared by the Deputy Director for Science AzNIIRH Sergei Dudkin, who, seeing the red piranha, I realized that she spent the winter in the pool or in an aquarium, but not in the Great Salt Lake.

There was a case

In Don caught a transparent fish …

In 2009, a resident of Voronezh Peter Dubakin caught ice fishing in the Don … transparent fish. When the man saw that pulled out of surprise dropped the fish aside.

Fry was 18 centimeters in length. In this case, it was crystal clear, so you can review all the innards. But the most striking, according to Peter, was that the gills of a fish glow bright red, and she exuded a strange phosphoric light. At home, he put the fish in the freezer, and then decided to take a picture. But, thawed, it is already almost glowed. After the trophy Doctors, their first assumption was that the transparency of fish — this is a form of mutation.

… And Tsimle — silver carp.

There is another story of an unusual catch, this time on Tsimlyanskii reservoir. Its deputy director for scientific work AzNIIRH Sergei Dudkin. Production of silver carp fishermen began with a fin like vualehvostok, like a goldfish. Most likely someone in Tsimlu vualehvostku released, was crossing with silver carp, and the result is a silver carp.

Dead fish: ecology blame or is it the officials?

According to Valery Privalenko, terrible mutations residents Don not get any, but if you look into the near future, varieties of fish is getting smaller and smaller. Rostovites soon and fish will not be so interesting. Steers and those became a little: even they have nowhere to spawn. There was only a herring, sardines and soon there will be — for the development of juvenile herring need a certain flow rate. And it's not, because there is no spring "big water."

More on the story of the memory of extinction of fish in the waters of Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea in 2009, killing more than 300 kg of sea fish. In the summer of 2008, even at the beach Taganrog width continuous band of dead perch, bream and calves up to 50 meters. Local officials were able to prove that the only reason for this — high water temperatures, which led to an increase in the number of blue-green algae, are selected oxygen in fish.

Also in 2008 a serious blow to the Azov Sea fish stocks caused an ecological disaster in the Kerch Strait. As a result of the storm sank a six bulk carriers with gray, and the holes of the tanker spilled thousands of tons of fuel oil.

Later, on the bank of the river between the hamlet Tuzlov Kamyshevakha Grushevskaya and villages in the area were found Aksai 136,000 carcasses Shamayim valuable fish, as well as 32 thousand carcasses of marine catfish and bullhead. By the fact, then the criminal case. The cause of death of fish could be drained into the river from a nearby farm liquids containing toxic chemicals.

After the story on the River Sal between village and hamlet Most Martynovka Martynovsky Riverlands area were found dead catfish, pike and crayfish. Initial versions of the mass death of fish poisoning associated with high concentrations of chemical fertilizers, with poaching blasting. However, officials of fisheries department has declared that "the analysis of water samples and carcasses of fish held in the regional veterinary laboratory, showed that the cause of death was lack of oxygen content in the water," and the offense is missing.

Of the recent cases with pestilence fish — summer 2010, Bataysk Rostov region. Then local residents discovered that the river bank was widely covered with dead fish. Earlier, in July 2009 bataychane have seen a similar picture on the river wide. On the banks were hundreds of dead fish, exuding a fetid smell in the whole district. Then guilty of an environmental disaster has been found and punished. It appeared to be the head of the section "Sewage" Bataysk "Vodokanal". But to find the unfair public utilities, the fault which the river flowed sewage investigation would take a year. Environmentalists then announced that the river will be restored as much as five years.

Julia Lobahina

What did not help in the Don

Don is not the water meets the standards in many ways: for example, there is the oil content of 1.5 — 2 times higher than in almost all the way from the dam to the mouth of the reservoir Tsimlyansk Don contaminated with copper ions and is readily oxidized organic matter. Incidentally, the oil found in 45% of samples, that is contaminated with Don treatment — normal.

Source: RIA "Panorama"

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