In Egypt gas pipeline blown up


CAIRO, February 5. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS, Dmitry Tarasov /. Another diversion accomplished last night in Egypt in the export pipeline, bringing fuel to Israel and Jordan.

It is reported that militants detonated an explosive device on the main branch near the town of El-Arish in northern Sinai.

After the terrorist attack on the pipeline broke a strong fire, flames reach a height of 30 meters. Currently, the location of the incident sent fire brigades. No injuries have been reported yet information.

Given this sortie for the year in the north of the Sinai were 12 major attacks on the pipeline that the "blue fuel" is exported to neighboring countries. Of involvement in the Egyptian authorities accused him acting on the peninsula extremist groups in the ranks of which are said to have insurgents "al-Qaeda."

Undermined area earlier today has twice the target of extremists.


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