In Germany, the frost cracked roads


BERLIN, Jan. 5 — Reuters, Tatiana Firsov. Frost severely damaged the cover of many German autobahns, in many regions because of it on the tracks introduced speed limits, according to the regional road services on Wednesday.

German autobahns are famous for their quality and speed. In cases where there are no restrictive signs, drivers can drive on these roads at speeds of 170-180 kilometers per hour or more.

The Union of cities and towns of Lower Saxony, this year especially cold, heavily damaged road surfaces. Changes in the weather — first frost, and then a sharp warming — the strongest impact on the A7 motorway and the A4 in Saxony.

On the A4 motorway, which passes through the four federal states and the length of which is about 600 kilometers, the interval is about 65 kilometers and at several other sites appeared potholes in asphalt.

Route A13, connecting Berlin and Dresden, also suffered.

According to experts, there are potholes in the coating due to the fact that the crack in the pavement the erased water falls. In the cold water freezes, the ice melts and then to cover a cavity, which is careening on her car turned into the pit. Despite the fact that the depth of potholes, as a rule, no more than five centimeters, they represent a serious problem for motor vehicles, primarily because of the speed allowed on motorways.

Repairing highways after last winter only regional budget Saxony cost of 900 thousand euros.

RIA Novosti

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