In Haiti, the reigning wizards




Voodoo religion known to the uninitiated people, mostly on horror films, talks about the bloody human sacrifices, ritual killings of animals, crazy dances around the fire at night.

Voodoo is only in dark colors. It is believed that this religion is "evil."

The basic doctrine of voodoo is that the action of the evil forces can protect a powerful supernatural force.

Vuduizm widely distributed in Africa and outside the continent, its main outpost is Haiti, where voodoo 90% of the population professes. Haiti says vuduizm official religion.

In the recent past on the island practiced rituals such as turning people into zombies killed. In particular, it was thought that bewitched and slain man can be brought back to life and made to serve themselves, fulfill all orders.

Today, voodoo priests, who plays the role of intermediaries between the people and the gods, spend more "life" ceremonies: weddings, dedications, fortune telling, and so on.

Tourists are allowed to attend some ceremonies. Most of them require killing a rooster on the insides of which are wondering. Participants rites gradually reach the overexcited state, after all the ceremonies are accompanied by the characteristic music, the sounds of drums.

There are in Haiti and special shops where you can stock up on a love potions, charms buy. Almost every shop has such a fortune teller room, which will be horoscope, will contact with dead relatives.

In Haiti, no event is complete without a priest of voodoo, Haitians truly believe that without the participation of witchcraft can not gain power over the people. Thus, it was thought that for many years the island dictator Francois Duvalier, who declared himself "anointed African gods and otherworldly creature," was endowed with supernatural power, and that he killed people, he turned into a zombie and made them his invisible spies.


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