In Japan, there were more than 500 aftershocks of magnitude above 5.0


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2.06.11.V Japan following the devastating earthquake on March 11 of this year, there were more than 500 aftershocks of magnitude aftershock above 5.0, which is a record in the history of such statistics. This was reported today by the National Directorate of Meteorology.

The previous record belonged to the 1994 earthquake on the island of Hokkaido, after that within 80 days there were 128 aftershocks of a magnitude of about 5.0. Yet this year, a similar number of comparable strength aftershocks occurred in the first few days after a major earthquake. To date, seismologists also recorded 81 major boost magnitude of 6.0 and at least five of aftershock earthquakes, magnitude of which exceeded 7.0.

According to the forecast weather news, now the seismic activity in the north-eastern coast of Japan, and decreases the likelihood of new aftershocks with magnitude of about 7 is quite low, but at the same time quite likely remain weaker magnitude 5 quake, which can also cause a tsunami According to ITAR-TASS.


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