In Kazakhstan, revealed 13 head of cattle with signs of foot and mouth disease


05.06.12. June 1, in the village Borovoye Borodulikha district of East Kazakhstan region revealed 13 cattle with clinical signs of FMD.

June 2, based on laboratory results of SI "National Reference Center for Veterinary Medicine" diagnosis — FMD was confirmed.

On June 3 this year village Borovoye against FMD has been vaccinated only 219 head of cattle and 1,468 head of sheep.

Organized around the clock by the police department and the district area Borodulin territorial inspection KVKN MoA. Established posts at the entrance to the village.

Currently, on-site specialists focus SI "Republican Antiepizootic Squad" carry out activities to eliminate hotbeds of infection.

In the left foot and mouth lesions Committee expert veterinary control and supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture to determine the causes and organizations outbreak quarantine measures to eliminate hotbeds of infection.

In order to prevent the disease and to prevent further spread of infection in the field is carried out the seizure and destruction of all patients and contact animals.

For the control of FMD in five districts of the buffer zone to vaccinate 14,237 head of cattle and 11,976 head of sheep and goats in the required amount allocated vaccine.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of Agriculture

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