In Kazakhstan, the meltwater podtopili houses washed away roads


MOE expects intense level rise rivers Large and Small Uzen. Photo LRnews

Astana, April 10. Meltwater podtopili houses in five districts of West Kazakhstan region and the administrative center of Uralsk. Blurry as three sections of highways, at 11 sites water ran over the pavement, "Interfax" referring to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

Thus, in the absence of Uralsk and stormwater planning area partially flooded 12 homes in mikrorayne Northeast, 10 houses — in the village Derkul. The village Podstepnoe water level inside the house is 5-10 cm

In the MOE also said that as a result of a sharp rise in the water level in the river Utva and the formation of ice in the area of settlements and Kaindy Lubenko Chingirlauskogo area flooded four houses. Killing eight heads of small-cattle, 12 sheep.

In Uralsk now and carry water pumped from residential buildings, in the district of the North-East dug drainage channel, Derkul township county road opened to redirect the flow of water from the houses in the Chagan River, in the village districts Zachaganskom highway opened to reset the flow of water from houses in the floodplain of the Ural River had broken diversion canals, 2000 bag packed with soil. In the team's Chingirlauskom explosives and water-saving service carried out work to eliminate ice jams, carried dumping barrage dams. In this MOE expects intense level rise rivers Large and Small Uzen.


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