in Khost landslide. Video


28.06.11.Segodnya morning at the entrance to the Host (from Sochi) came mudflow, damaging a retaining wall and knocked trees. Movement on the part of Sochi was blocked and forwarded through Kudepsta.

Stones, broken trees, mud weight completely blocked the road at the entrance to the Host from Sochi. There were no warning signs until set. In place of the next gathering mudflow reluctantly left road and emergency services of the city, which have started to clear the road. Buses drop off passengers right on the highway, drive temporarily closed.


The road slipped and higher — between Cape conspicuously and electronics, on the old road! 28.06.11 evening it was closed for tvizheniya transport!
Tomorrow at the landslide site to arrive comission to address this situation? For now, that people living in Ukrainka, and in the district of Primorye will have to leave for a Host and Adler Matsesta!

Videos uploaded by user yurchik112, date: 28.06.2011

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