In Kirov failed asphalt. Video

Karst holes

11.10.11.Segodnya morning on Rosa Luxemburg Street movement for motorists was not safe. In the area of "the October market (Rosa Luxemburg, 86) on the road collapsed asphalt. Pit width of about 1.5 meters triggered the accident. The driver of VAZ-2114 did not have time to notice the collapse of the driveway, the front wheels hit the car in the pit.

Dmitry, driver of VAZ-2114:
— There were no fences. I did not immediately bearings and drove into the pit. Severely damaged right wheel and suspension. For half an hour waiting for the traffic police.

As it turned out, after the incident, decided to provide assistance to motorists workers shoe repair shop, located on the same street. Men fenced pit two buses to other motorists are not included in this "film."

Most likely, the collapse was due to asphalt repair work carried out on this street. According to local residents, in August at the Rosa Luxemburg Street began repairing utilities. Late last week, repair team to remedy the defect in the networks and exit. By the way, excavations were carried out on the road.

Recall that such collapses have been to our city. On the same street, Rosa Luxemburg by testing heat network in May 2010, also collapsed portion of the street.

At the end of August 2011 on the same street Krasnoarmeyskaya morning collapsed in the road network of the city of Kirov. And in this case, the cause meltdown began defects utility, about 4 weeks of water seeping under the asphalt flowed into the street Krasnoarmeyskaya and October Avenue.

As for Rosa Luxemburg Street, now the traffic is not impeded. However, car owners have to be more careful.

Sergei, the driver Nissan Almera:
— Now pit fenced and it greatly hinders movement. But one driver still no luck here. You can break the suspension so that the repair of "penny" will take off.

Alex, the driver of VAZ-2109:
— This street always some landslides occur. And look to go, and something will collapse under you. 

Photo essay on the link to the source.

Irina Susloparov
Source: Kirov

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