In Korkino predict landslide. Video


10.05.12.Novaya threat Korkinsky cut: on the south side can get off a landslide. It was moved a giant array of soil. Geologists do not rule out that if it fall down, the "pull" of themselves and of the surface. At the bottom of the cut may be houses and the only Korkino and nearest villages pumping station.

The southern part of the country's deepest cut — Korkinsky — has always been relatively calm. Ground here already once in motion, but never this layer does not "come to life" so big. Now two cracks — east and west — came together and formed a giant landslide. "He starts to move toward the bottom of the section, and both in horizontal and vertical, — said Alexander Shumkin, deputy surveyor Chelyabinsk Coal Company. — For all the cracks are beacons for which observations are made to somehow predict the possible consequences of the situation and prevented. "

There are already trying to assess the risks. Such a gathering immediately paralyzes the whole section. Volume menacing array is hard to imagine — it is 10 million cubic meters. Each day, the vast array of drops to 3-4 millimeters. And if the landslide still come down, it will drag for a large part of the surface. On one side are the factories, houses, train station and pumping station.

Closest to the danger zone is pumping station. Underground plumbing here goes Korkino and neighboring villages. If the pumping stations will be at the bottom of the cut, then immediately come in a drought. Incidentally, the ground motion among the first felt it communal. Cast iron pipes under the ground started breaking too often, and damage were unnatural. In the city administration decided to restore backup canned station. "Its power is, of course, less, — informs Alex Obuhin, general director of Korkinsky vodokonala. — We will try to switch to it that at least some part of Korkino remained with water. "

The convergence of the array is still under discussion as a possibility. Similarly no one and nothing to say is not taken. Geologists say only that a landslide can cause heavy rains, an explosion or an earthquake. To prevent the gathering, need unloading of the array. Unique cut long ago turned into a huge threat. Fix it — that is, to sleep — you can only work out when all the coal reserves. It will go to at least 10 years.

Olga Zadvornov, Nikolai Yakovlev

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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