In Krivoy Rog earthquake crater — 50 to 70 meters

Karst holes

20.01.11.Bolshuyu hole (50 to 70 m, 20 — D) found local experts on 18 January, and the earthquake itself in Krivoy Rog took place on 14 January.
No injuries or damage, as the crater formed in a remote area of the city (District Cemetery "West"), which lies just up the road into the city (the funnel is 550 m from the road), the mine office located Artem "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog" and mine " Homeland "" Krivoy Rog iron ore. "

This was announced by Chief of Territorial Administration Krivorozhsky Gosgorpromnadzora Oleg Cherednichenko, says "Today".

"On January 14, after an earthquake of 3.9 points, a special commission of mine management. Artem "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog", which explored the possible shifts earth's soil. But the Commission did not find any changes. But by January 18 came to us a document from the chief engineer of the mine office to them. Artem "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog," in which he reported that their territory was found this funnel ", — said Oleg Cherednichenko.

As head of the city Gosgorpromnadzora not rule out that the funnel can expand and connect with another funnel in the neighborhood, which was formed in 1985 (200 to 250 m in depth — 100).

"The emergence of a new crater was predicted. Her appearance, scientists had predicted in 2006. So, its appearance and the recent earthquake we do not link. Adjacent to the funnel area currently fenced "- told in the press service of the Krivoy Rog Gosgorpromnadzora.

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