In Krivoy Rog panic because of the earthquake


17.01.11.Krivoy Horn panicking about the earthquake that had to go through the morning of 14 January. People felt the tremor around 7 am. Yesterday, scientists have confirmed that the city shook with the force of 3.9 points (on a 12-point Richter scale).

Earthquakes have been heard in the area Sq. Artem Evening Boulevard and f / m Jubilee and East. Particularly strong vibrations felt residents top floors of skyscrapers, but fortunately there were no casualties or damage. Local forums just tear messages townspeople: "My mom woke up in the morning from vibration — cups in the kitchen started pounding. It scared scary "- writes krivorozhanin Alex. "And on the twentieth floor also feeling mighty well — was grinding and was heard from somewhere in the cotton land" — supports the author Dmitry.

Aftershocks recorded seismic nearest city in Crimea. Experts are still scratching their heads over the reasons for the emergency. But one said firmly: earthquake could happen as a result of blasting at the enterprises of the city. In Krivoy Rog terupravleniya Public Service Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine reported that on the day of the explosion to the whole Kryvbas was only two and their power could cause such variations. Scientists promise to tell the exact cause after the finish of the study.

Locals own point of view. "From what else may be in Krivbass earthquake — only the explosions in mines. Of us just hide the truth, these "experts" after the collapse of the mine to them. Ordzhonikidze (happened this summer from the planned explosions. At a depth of 10-80 meters failed 16 hectares of land. — Ed.) Learned that under the city is dangerous spaces of the old mines, which, it turns out, is the whole city, "- writes on the forum Eugene.

In oblMChS asked not to panic. "Actually, our region," shakes "up to 5 times a year. But these jerks do not exceed 3 points. For people such jerks at all noticeable. They can not be a cause of some accidents or crashes. Therefore, in the Dnipropetrovsk region no seismological centers or stations. All data about a particular earthquake in our region we get from other areas — from Odessa, Kharkov and Crimea. As for high-rise buildings, after the Tashkent earthquake (1966) in the Soviet Union began to build high-rise buildings that stand, and 7-point oscillations "- told" Today "press officer oblMChS Vyacheslav Lahno, said today.



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