In Kursk from African swine destroyed 285 pigs


31.10.11.V region has quarantined the disease African swine fever. Late last week, the governor of Kursk region signed the corresponding resolution. Quarantine will run from October 27 to November 27, 2011.

Recall that the focus of African swine fever has been detected in the district Seymskogo Kursk, in the street Crimson. Border epizootic outbreak set within private farming on the street. Raspberry, House 95. The first caution area located within 5 kilometers of the epizootic outbreak in the following terms: on the north side: the streets Pushkarnaya, Lomakin, Nikitskaya Akhtyrskaya, Zarechnaya Burtsevka Central District, on the south side along the main access Seymskogo Okrug on the west side of the avenue of Friendship , Orel streets, spacious Central District, on the east side of the street the second Novoselovka, streets first Musketeers Railway District of Kursk.

The second caution area was established in the administrative territory of Kursk, Fatezhskogo, Zolotukhinsky, Schigrovskogo, Timskogo, Solntsevskoye, Medvensky, Oboyan, Bolshesoldatskogo, October, and the Kurchatov Lgovski areas of Kursk region. The action applies to quarantine Enterprise I, II compartments of various forms of ownership and management of the private sector.

As told to our agency deputy chief of veterinary medicine in the Kursk region Alexander Epifanov, today in the region when all the animal health measures to eliminate the source of African swine fever. Was performed manual remediation of the source, its disinfection, quarantine installed fire-police checkpoints on the roads leading out of the epizootic outbreak. At the entrance and exit to the threatened zone established dezbarery, turnpikes. Prohibits the importation and exportation to the territory of the hearth and beyond animals of all kinds. Formed 13 teams for the disposal and destruction of pigs, including experts of veterinary services, Rosselkhoznadzor, officers and district police, MOE. To ensure the work of the groups involved more than forty units of vehicles.

"The Kursk region was destroyed and dismantled 285 pigs. All owners will be compensated for the destruction of cattle (100 rubles per 1 kilogram). Next scheduled disinfection of animal destruction sites, and will take effect the Action Plan on farms to eliminate the source of the plague, "- said Alexander V..

Also, noted Alexander Epifanov, complete with shelves pork continues, the state will remain on sale meat products. Ban is imposed only on meat sold to private enterprises. In addition, the region is forbidden to trade in live animals.

Recall, African swine fever is not dangerous to human health, so kuryane no need to panic, said the Veterinary Administration.

The Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Orel and Kursk Regions open "hot line". In cases of sudden mortality of pigs or in the event of suspected cases of African swine fever should call the following telephone numbers: (4712) 34-46-16, 55-29-14 — around the clock, (4712) 02/04/58, 58-01 — 81 — from 9:00 to 18:00, except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Victoria Merkulov

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