In Latvia, the high levels of ultraviolet radiation


19.05.12.V end of this and early next week in Latvia will be high levels of ultraviolet radiation, according to the Latvian Center for the Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

The thickness of the ozone layer over Latvia was 320-350 Dobson units, predicts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric USA. UV index in the middle of the day will be achieved, and possibly more than six points on a scale of 0 to 11, which is considered high and requires protection from the sun's rays.

People with sensitive skin are recommended to be in the shade, especially in the period between 11.00 and 15.00, as at this time of 20 minutes to get a sunburn.

Physicians are reminded that small doses of ultraviolet radiation are good for health. However, we must remember the protective equipment, wear a hat and sunglasses.


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