In Levshino failures around the buildings. Video

Karst holes

16.09.11.Kvartira in the new building — not a guarantee of safety. Residents of several homes in the neighborhood are concerned Levshino — ground out from under their feet. In the truest sense. Right at the entrance of a building formed a serious failure.

Fear and panic yet. But at the time of alarm. Several years ago, Irina Tikhomirov moved with his family from dilapidated housing. But she could not imagine that today, and new housing can not be called safe. A huge landslide asphalt directly opposite the house. What's under the ground — scary thought, is recognized Irina.

— Here swamp. That is the area Mr. Levshino, high-rise buildings. They stand in a swamp. Can you imagine the severity of the houses. Pit must be dug under the high-rise is very deep. And if it is Mahina pokachnetsya this way and fill up. This is a terrible thing ….

This is a new area. The complex started building two years ago. Today, a number rising skyscrapers. Svetlana name indicates that this is not the first case. Avalanches are common. Earth mysteriously disappears beneath the porch. patches around.

A resident of the house on the street. Delegatskaya39-ASvetlana names:

— Where does the earth, is unclear. Because we have every year are brought here on the ground several Kamaz. Over the whole car. Loaded under the porch. But where it goes, we do not know.

In the administration area Orzhdonikidzevskogo assured us that the situation is under control and there was no danger.

First Deputy Head of the Ordzhonikidze district Perm Andrey Efremov:

— Head of Civil Protection today traveled to the place. The question of recognition of the situation and the emergency evacuation is not necessary. Prepared and immediately sent a telephone message builder is a house. Since the house is relatively new. While visually evident that this rainfall caused.

The next day the pit filled. But is that enough? Find out the true causes of the failure of the experts and leaders of the district administration going after a little rain to abate.

Source: Broadcaster "Vetta"

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