In Lithuania, the recorded cases of diphtheria


6.10.11.Kak told today, October 6, REGNUM correspondent Beata Bukotayte working in the Center for Infectious Diseases, "from 2008, is the first case of diphtheria in the territory of Lithuania."

"Three years ago, two people fell ill with diphtheria. One case was fatal, "- said Bukotayte.

"We assume that the resident has fallen ill with diphtheria Vilnius district was a child vaccinated against the disease, but more about vaccinations had not applied to the doctors."

Lithuania, like the rest of Eastern Europe, is seen as an area of high risk for the disease diphtheria. Neighboring Latvia and do "leader" in Europe by number of infectious diseases. As previously reported IA REGNUM, Lithuania has a national immunization program, under which all adult residents from 26 years to re-take a course of vaccinations. Vaccines are given by the state budget.

Source:  IA REGNUM

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