In Luhansk caught North American perch


18.11.11.V Lugansk local catch from the Seversky Donets sun perch, which is common in North America. The press office of PJSC "Severodonetsk association" Nitrogen ".

The fisherman who caught an unusual perch — the shop worker NOPS "Nitrogen" Albert Savenkov. He often goes fishing on the Seversky Donets. Perch caught in the early morning on the river opposite the train station.

Seeing the fish, Albert Savenkov amazed. She was not like any one of the representatives of the Seversky Donets. "The back of a captured copy was greenish-olive color with orange spots and dark transverse bands, belly — orange-yellow. Dorsal fin with sharp as European perch, needles, and a great many small teeth can be compared with the plumbing bastard with a file "- told in the press service of" Nitrogen ".

Some local fishermen decided that this kind of Amazonian piranhas, others do not know what to expect. As a result, see a specialist.

Local fishery biologists have determined that fish — sunny perch (Lepomis qibbosus), place of residence — North America. As this fish hit the Seversky Donets is unknown.



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