In Magnitogorsk gardens invasion of butterflies. Video


11.07.11.Magnitogorskie gardeners struggling with another plague. All their works have gone on food pests. In the gardening association invasion butterflies whiteflies.

Such a lovely creation as a butterfly, for gardeners — the number one enemy. Seemingly harmless insect, and can destroy the entire crop. Pierid flown in the past year, but not in such numbers. And this season it has a special grace weather. Agronomist SNT "Miner" Tatyana Krasilnikova said: "This is due to weather conditions. We have last year's summer was very dry. It's all piled up. This year, the summer does not indulge us night-time temperatures. At night, we have 8 degrees. Day we have over 20 degrees. And pest feel good. Because plants are oppressed. "

Orange tip omnivore. But more dangerous than its ancestor of Diptera — caterpillar. While the insect has not yet managed to postpone the larvae, but Sergei Silchenko daily inspect their possessions. In the first place the cabbage. To the pest is the most dainty place. But in addition to butterflies, leaves eats aphids. Who is against it thrown all forces. Gardener Sergei Silchenko said: "It hurts all the roses, tomatoes, blackberries, cucumbers, even moved to the weeds. And control it brings no results, although I tried and traditional methods, and pesticides. "

Dall and aphids infest horticultural associations in all the city. Fight them still had the spring. But a lot of the time missed. Now help may only effective chemical. But here's what it is, they know only one. Yes, and seek advice from practically nowhere else. At 30, only three associations agronomist. "Literature though there are many, but it is an excessive amount of people is misleading. So when in the garden agronomist can come to the site, it is recommended when there is a man who to contact and time to stop. Control pests need to before they appeared. When they get there, just have to use chemicals. And this is injurious to health "- said Chairman of the Board of Magnitogorsk association" Union of Gardeners "Alexander head.

In order to not leave the entire crop for animal pests, growers will have to carefully examine their land. And by next spring, to be patient and all necessary safety equipment.


Source: STRC "South Ural"

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