In Miass Kyshtym and water to last several months


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18.05.11.Cherez several months in water sources and Kyshtym Miassa could end water. This was on the committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region on Ecology and Mineral Resources said the deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Chelyabinsk region Svetlana Kostina.

As the correspondent of "New Region", on the basis of the most serious problems of the flood water is projected at two South Urals cities Miass and Kyshtym.

According to Kostya, the water reserves in the reservoir Iremelskom Miassa last for 3-4 months. In the past year, to make up the shortfall, the city was allowed to take water in the lake Turgoyak. Perhaps this year will do the same.

In addition, said an official in that city officials are developing two underground source, but they require a lot of money — 364 million rubles. Cheaper project is worth 80 million, city officials asked the governor for help.

In Kyshtym situation is even worse, the supply of water in the reservoir Kyshtym only 2-2.5 months. Will fill the shortage, as well as last year, with the help of pumping water from the reservoir DOLGOBRODSKAYA. According to Kostya, you need to pump about 5 million cubic meters. This will take 4 million rubles.

In addition, some problems with the water supply may occur in Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust. In Shershni reservoir of water is sufficient, but due to problems with the intake of 160 million cubic meters is used a total of 40 million. According to Kostya, because most of the water can not pick up, the source of drinking is not updated and blooms.

In Zlatoust, despite the sufficient fullness Ayskogo reservoir, this year once again possible shortages of water. The solution is to build Novozlatoust reservoir, construction of which has been frozen for many years ago.


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