In Moscow, there was a smell of rotten eggs


6.02.12.Moroznaya weather brought to the capital could. Bad odor is felt in some areas stolitsy.Trudnee just breathe in Marino, and South Medvedkovo Kozhukhova

— Due to the cold weather and windless air pollution in Moscow has increased substantially — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" specialist "Mosekomonitoring" Alexei Popikov. — The fact is that because of the cold CHP operating at full capacity, and thus make more emissions. But the atmospheric pressure is high, the wind — a pretty weak, so emissions are accumulated.

On Saturday and Sunday for some environmental monitoring stations recorded an excess of hydrogen sulfide in the air (it smells like rotten eggs) and carbon monoxide. Sulfur dioxide is not higher than normal, but this stuff in the air is much larger than usual. Day on average concentration of nitrogen dioxide above the norm by 2.4 times.

— Forecasters promise that the cold will continue, therefore air pollution is likely to grow — says Popik.

Therefore environmentalists advise: if the night smell from the street, it is better to close the window. And in the morning is better to abandon jogging. All exercise is better to move to the middle of the day when the smog is fading away.

Source: KP.RU

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