In NASA ready to test the theory of space and time




NASA experts have completed preparations to launch the satellite Gravity Probe-B, designed to test Einstein's theory of space and time. Inside the unit there are four quartz sphere. As the press-service of NASA, this is the most perfect spheres has ever made. Their temperature is kept close to absolute zero. These balls are isolated from external interference and placed into the "quiet" of the existing environment. In space, they must change.

At hit balls into orbit will set the rotational momentum. If Einstein was right, the little rotating balls will be thrown out as a result of the presence of near Earth.

In this case, it will be proof that the Earth is rotating really pulls the time and space — this phenomenon has never been explored before, reports Air force.

Einstein proposed the theory in 1916. According to her, the rotation of such a huge object, like the Earth, causing changes in structure of space and time. If the theory is correct, then the mass and rotation of the Earth in 640 kilometers from four quartz balls to remove them to a small but nevertheless measurable distance.

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