In one of the villages in Kalmykia anthrax


01.01.2011, Rostov-on-Don 12:05:48 agricultural cooperatives (UPC) "South" village Amur-Sanan Gorodovikovsk Kalmykia region introduced a state of emergency (disaster) because confirm the anthrax attacks.

It clarifies the press service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of Russia, on the eve of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory during the re-analysis of the meat of the slaughtered animal agricultural cooperatives confirmed anthrax.

"The decision of the Commission for Emergency Situations in the three branches of the UPC" Southern "a regime of emergency because of the anthrax attacks," — the message department. Currently collaborate with the executive authorities Gorodovikovsk district territorial department Rospotrebnadzor republic Yashaltinsky district health facility to develop and implement measures to prevent the spread of disease and eliminate the source of infection.

Earlier it was reported that on 28 December 2010. SPK "South" in the study of the slaughtered animal meat in Gorodovikovsk veterinary laboratory previously identified the causative agent of anthrax.


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